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People      •  8 min read

How a mum of two conquers the home-office – Tips for ALL remote workers

During the Coronavirus pandemic many of us have taken measures to distance ourselves from others, Finiata’s employees included. Home office can be a productivity boost, but...

About us, People      •  11 min read

How a custom AI revolutionised Finiata’s weekly Pizza Order

Did you know that an adult makes about 35,000 decisions a day? At Finiata, we push one crucial, life-changing decision on our Executive Assistant Lena every (Pizza-)Thursda...

People      •  6 min read

Meet Katarzyna Frey, the rally-driving ex-neuroscientist, leading Finiata’s Frontend engineering team.

“Rigorous approach to semantic HTML and clean CSS is definitely my thing.” Kasia is managing the Frontend team of 5 at Finiata. Her personal story of career path discovery ...

About us      •  3 min read

The 4 biggest concerns about prefinancing invoices

At Finiata, we offer our customers the fast and simple option to increase their liquidity by prefinancing invoices. We see ourselves as partners to small and medium enterpr...

Business      •  6 min read

Make your customers pay sooner – 10 ways to improve your invoices

It’s all about the money… it makes the world go round. Anyone taking frequent looks at calendar and bank statement knows about the importance of paying bills on time. That ...

Business, General      •  5 min read

Find out if your company is financially healthy

True, the life of a bank account is rather dull; but everything depends on the regular beat of this heart to keep a company financially healthy. Because only then, the owne...

Business, General      •  5 min read

Why liquidity is important for your business as well

It’s not a secret at all: liquidity, meaning easily accessible funds, is essential for any company. But has anyone ever examined the reasons? We have covered how the ...

Business, General      •  9 min read

10 accounting mistakes you should never ever make

Accounting, the orderly keeping of books and balances, can be considered the backbone of any company. Even more reason to keep the balance sheets clean and track every cent...

Business, General      •  5 min read

You should know this, if you have unpaid invoices

Belated payments happen. But if the recipient is overdue with his payment, it’s time to stand your ground to get your money for unpaid invoices. Today’s article will ...

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