Always have your company's liquidity under control

Finiata offers the first flexible financial line for companies with a free cash flow analysis and prediction tool included.

How it works

It's time to understand all about your cash flow!

Clear overview of your financial situation

Take a look at aggregated data from all of your bank accounts and access financial reports with a few clicks. Don’t waste time on filling out endless Excel sheets.

AI-powered advice that fits you

Machine learning combined with expert knowledge will give you real life insights based on your data and our forecasting model. Learn how to change your future!

Improved credit score

Understand what impacts your creditworthiness and which actions you should take to get easy access to credit for your company.

Positive impact on your financial future

We will provide actionable advice that fits your situation perfectly. It supports you to make better decisions to ensure liquidity and growth. Get insights about trends and financial prognosis.