Finiata is the easiest, simplest, fastest online financing for SME’s

Gone are the times of adapted consumer & large corporate processes

Automated financing for SMEs

Over 70% of SMEs are rejected by banks and traditional financing companies due to old and inaccurate eligibility criteria for financing. We’re embracing the reality of small business owners and providing them the working capital they need through our automated online system.

SMEs don't have access to working capital

(Yeah, you read correctly, 70 Million!)


of all business in Europe are SMEs


of them applied for credit in the last year


of SMEs are rejected due to eligibility criteria for financing


of freelancers see access to finance as their biggest obstacle

Better than everyone 

We developed three automated systems allowing us to finance SME’s in moments, long & short-term. Our scoring algorithm uses more than 10,000 data points to understand SMEs and make the right decision on a 1:1 basis.

Amazing online experience
We don’t waste the time of SMEs. Finiata was designed to impress visually but also to make the whole application process digital, fast and as simple as possible.
Automated decisions
In just a couple of minutes, our system knows everything about the applicant. We pull data not only from public sources but also from banks and debt registers. We feed our engine with behavioural data and some secret ingredients only we know how to get.
Immediate payout
Once the decision is made the money is already on the way to our customer. We use the fastest available transfer facilitates to make sure our customer gets the money now, not later.

We love our customers and they love us back

B2B lending has consumerized so we focus on UX and customers


The problem is simple: customers need cash to run their business, to respond, to survive. We provide this 100% online, anywhere, anytime. Why can you not delight a customer in credit? We think you can. 

"My company struggled to survive on the market were 90 days payment terms are standard. Thanks to Finiata we can easily plan our next growth project”

Creative Agency from Warsaw / Poland

"I tried several times to get a loan in the bank to improve my cash flow. I was refused as my income is not stable and invoices are being paid late. Thanks to Finiata I have access to immediate payments for my invoices and can better compete with others”

Production Company,  Frankfurt / Germany

"Paying taxes and salaries on time is not easy when your contractors are being late with payments. Finiata provides us with a capital so we don't have to worry when the end of the month comes.”

Manufacturer Company, Wroclaw / Poland

Backed by top tier investors 

A data driven management team

Jan Enno Einfeld

Jan Enno Einfeld


Ingmar Stupp

Ingmar Stupp


Amit Kahana

Amit Kahana


Alexander Beresford

Alexander Beresford


We’re all over the place

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 Empowering big visions
for small companies.

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