Eliminating cashflow problems for small businesses

Finiata provides access to liquidity and insights into cashflow for small businesses in Europe so they can focus on what matters

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How are we doing it?

We utilize AI to build the financial services SME's need and deserve

Finiata provides flexible financing to small companies and freelancers through a line of financing and factoring. We believe strongly in the scientific method, listening to customers, solving real problems, and doing the unscalable to find the scalable.

Customer Experience

SME & freelancer banking is out of date, we are here to start overhauling it. Smooth UX & satisfied customers are key. Generating real value by solving real problems is the way forward.


Augmentation & Automation are the heralds
of a new wave of value creation. Consumerization is here including all of its expectations of speed, simplicity, being fair.

Finiata products

Easiest, Simplest & Fastest
credit solutions for companies

AI-based liquidity analysis and prediction

Finiata Analityka supports small business owners in monitoring and predicting their cash flow and offers insights to master their liquidity


A flexible credit line with a guaranteed limit

Finiata FlexKapitał allow freelancers and SME’s to receive a flexible credit line for a fixed low monthly fee to grow their company smartly


38,000+ business owners across 2 countries use Finiata

Up to €25,000

At your company’s disposal after accepting your application


business owners use Finiata
across Poland and Germany

4.7 / 5

based on more than 260 real user
reviews on opineo.pl

Press and reviews

What they say about us

Finiata, Berlin-based fintech, has entered the Polish market with a flourish in 2017. The company offered entrepreneurs silent factoring with recourse, which can be obtained in an automated online process. Currently, it changes the concept a bit and adds a new one - a flexible credit line. "This is a step in the right direction" - experts say.
Finiata is a great solution for companies, especially when contractors are late with payments or long invoice payment periods. Service and contact at the highest level, money transferred to the account instantly!
Finiata provides the most flexible factoring and credit line for SMEs in Poland. Finiata is a combination of traditional financial services and modern technologies.
To meet the expectations of entrepreneurs in Europe, Finiata offers a service of silent factoring and a flexible credit line, that ideally suits the needs of SMEs. Finiata belongs to the group of companies from the financial industry that provides known services in an innovative and customer-friendly way.

Work with us

Join a diverse team from all across the world

Finiata are 60+ team members from 15+ internationalities working together towards 1 goal. We believe in personal development and providing a work environment that sets people up for success. There is tons of opportunity and challenging problems to work on with real ownership and support.

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