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The 4 biggest concerns about prefinancing invoices

At Finiata, we offer our customers the fast and simple option to increase their liquidity by prefinancing invoices. We see ourselves as partners to small and medium enterprises as well as freelancers and micro-companies. Thus, we think it is important to prefinance every invoice from 1 Euro – without any hidden cost or minimum revenue.

We provide support to our customers at every step of the prefinancing process. Through continuous communication with them, we can identify and address issues and concerns directly. Thus, we constantly improve our service. The basis for this blog article are questions from our customers. We’ll address and answer the most common ones to increase the understanding about prefinancing in general.

The 4 biggest concerns about prefinancing invoices

“I don’t want any 3rd party interference in my communication or customer relationships.”

A good customer relationship takes hard work and a lot of time, especially for small companies and freelancers. We know that any negative influence on these relationships is taboo. That is why you will remain in full control of the customer communication, when prefinancing with Finiata. We never contact the inoice recipient, only the invoice creator. More discretion is hardly possible.

“Is it already a binding agreement, when I upload an invoice?”

No. Uploading the invoice does not constitute anything. We simply use the invoice data and the information you give us about your company and your recipient for evaluation. We then calculate the individual conditions for prefinancing the uploaded invoice. Until you decide to accept them, the service is completely free and non-binding.

“When will I get my money? When do I have to pay?”

Should you accept the conditions, the payout to you will be arranged within 24 hours. It can receive the full invoice sum minus our fee, if this action does not burst the credit limit we calculate for you. You are expected to pay back the full invoice sum as soon as you receive the money from your client.

“I can’t really see the prefinancing fees for my invoice.”

We believe in fair and transparent fees. Therefore, we take care to examine every invoice separately, to find the individual conditions for you and your document. Other service providers may favor a flat rate fee, but that rarely reflects the varying risk profile for each invoice; it may lead to you paying more than you really have to. Your individually calculated prefinancing conditions also include the calculated service fee which, in turn, considers the credit ratings we check for safety reasons as well as the information you give us. As mentioned, there is no binding arrangement up to this point. Thus, you do not need to care about cancelling, if the calculated conditions do not meet your expectations. The prefinancing agreement is only valid if you accept the calculated conditions.

We will gladly respond to all further questions and issues. Just call our customer support hotline or use our live chat.

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