An ultra flexible financial line for small and medium businesses

We provide up to 100,000 PLN for entrepreneurs and small businesses in 7 minutes

What is FlexCapital?

Working capital for SMEs without any hassle!

FlexCapital is a financial line that is renewed with each repayment and provides flexible pricing based on individual risk assessment.

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Line of credit starting from
2 500 PLN

FlexCapital is Poland’s first 100% online renewable financing line for companies. This general purpose working-capital line, doesn’t impose any requirements on the usage or purpose of the loan. FlexCapital financial line is an assigned limit of 1,000 to 100,000 PLN.

Online application to loan offer in 7 minutes

Our customers can freely withdraw funds whenever they need, at the click of a button. Thanks to ultra-fast transfers, the requested amount only takes 10 minutes to appear in the bank account.

Low monthly cost from 1,41% (excluding taxes)

FlexCapital allows for repayments in 6 monthly installments, or in one go. The quicker the loan is repaid, the lower the fees. A unique feature of our financing line is its renewability; any amount that has been repaid becomes available again to be drawn immediately.