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Business, General      •  5 min read

Find out if your company is financially healthy

True, the life of a bank account is rather dull; but everything depends on the regular beat of this heart to keep a company financially healthy. Because only then, the owne...

Business, General      •  5 min read

Why liquidity is important for your business as well

It’s not a secret at all: liquidity, meaning easily accessible funds, is essential for any company. But has anyone ever examined the reasons? We have covered how the ...

Business, General      •  9 min read

10 accounting mistakes you should never ever make

Accounting, the orderly keeping of books and balances, can be considered the backbone of any company. Even more reason to keep the balance sheets clean and track every cent...

Business, General      •  5 min read

You should know this, if you have unpaid invoices

Belated payments happen. But if the recipient is overdue with his payment, it’s time to stand your ground to get your money for unpaid invoices. Today’s article will ...